The Putian Music Union hosted the 2nd "Pu Tian Le" Cup Qingshan Lake Greenway Relay


In order to promote the spirit of competitive sports, e […]

In order to promote the spirit of competitive sports, enrich the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees. Guide everyone to learn to pay attention to health and healthy exercise, organized by the trade union organization of Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co., Ltd., organized by Lin'an Running Group. On December 10, 2017, the second “Pu Tianle” Cup Qingshan Lake Green was held in the Greenway of Qingshan Lake Scenic Area in Lin'an. Road relay race.
The unique competition system and the charm of the Putian brand attracted a lot of horse racing enthusiasts. Also supported by the leadership of the Lin'an government, there are 20 teams and more than 80 players participating in the competition. Each group consists of 3 men and 1 woman. Among them, there are masters from the Agriculture and Forestry University and the social running group, as well as from the grassroots level of other units. Amateur runners; there are nearly 60 old people, there are also young girls in their early 20s. Although they are different in age and level, no one really cares about age and equipment. This is a national movement. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, social background, and the movement and happiness, everyone will live passionately on both sides of the runway. Cheers, tears together.
At the end of the competition, Mr. Sun Jianxun, the general manager of Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Li, the chairman of the labor union, jointly presented the awards to the winning team.,The first place isFrom the Agriculture and Forestry University to the teamSecond place From the Linan Run Group Dragon Team Third place From the company's first-line running league team  .
At the same time, Putianle also had two teams to win the sixth place and the eleventh place. This is the best reward for everyone to work hard and be strict with self-discipline.
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