Warmly celebrate Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co., Ltd. won the "national high-tech enterprise" certification passed!


On January 8, 2018, it was another time to enter the de […]

On January 8, 2018, it was another time to enter the development milestone of Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co., Ltd., and our company received the "National High Tech Enterprise" and "National High Tech Enterprise Certificate "。127862912072707950.jpg

This is another breakthrough since our company won the "Science and Technology SMEs in Zhejiang Province", "Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise" and "Hangzhou High-tech R&D Center". It is the recognition of the science and technology research and development capabilities of Putian. In terms of the company's overall image promotion, or the company's product sales and market expansion, it has been greatly improved. This is indispensable and relevant to the company's cultural philosophy and long-term customer support.
The recent recognition of “National High-Tech Enterprises” will also play an indelible role in the future development of the company.

The successful recognition of “National High-tech Enterprise” is the affirmation and support of the government leaders for the development of Putian Cable since its establishment. It is also the concern and support of the new and old customers and people from all walks of life for Putian cable. The “national high-tech enterprise” certification certificate is not only a paper certificate title, but also a higher and farther requirement for the future development of the company. We will always adhere to the “customer” The business philosophy of “Respect for Honesty, Honesty and Credit”, strives for excellence in product quality and service, and strives to provide customers with refined, fast and high-quality products and services based on the operating principle of “customer-oriented, customer-oriented, and satisfied customers”.

This not only greatly enhances the morale of all staff of Putian, but also makes the company full of confidence in the future development prospects. Looking forward to the future, we still need a lot of innovations and improvements. In today's era of rapid economic development, Putian is willing to cooperate with you sincerely, and work together for a better tomorrow!

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